Making our Bali Parasols

Making our Bali Parasols:

Crafted in Bali, our round bamboo parasols undergo a unique creation process. The canopies are skillfully sewn onto the suspended frame, suspended from the ceiling—a meticulous method that adds to their allure. The digitally printed parasol fabrics are carefully aligned to ensure seamless pattern continuity around the edge and at the join. In the case of our floral painted canopies, each design is executed by hand, eschewing stencils or sketches. This intricate, meditative process can span over a full day, resulting in a captivating and one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

What sets our Balinese parasols apart is the meticulous decoration covering the entire canopy. Unlike others, ours showcase a continuous artistic display, creating a delightful experience as you sit beneath, observing the sunlight filtering through the captivating artwork.

The handmade aspect is integral to their charm, as many of these processes defy mechanization to preserve the inherent beauty and personality of the fabrics. Adding to their visual appeal, the parasols feature contrasting coloured or thread-work linings, ensuring that the insides, just as much as the outsides, are striking—especially when admired from underneath.

 Artisans carve the round bamboo parasol poles using chisels, skilfully etching the pattern twice. Beginning with all the cuts in one direction down the pole, they then turn it around, meticulously making cuts in the opposite direction to bring the pattern to life. Following the carving process, the notches are adorned with metallic paint, adding a touch of brilliance to the finished creation.

The elaborate thread-work within our round bamboo parasols is an initial step in the parasol-making process, occurring right after the spokes have been set into the central hub. Artisans dedicate a considerable amount of time, often an entire day, to intricately weaving the threads around the spokes.

The fringing, referred to locally as 'rambu,' is meticulously tied by hand in lengthy sections. Following the painting of the parasol, it is then hand-sewn around the perimeter. Once the fringing is securely attached, the tassels are carefully sewn into place.

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