Creating your own custom designed parasol with us!

Creating your own custom designed parasol with us!

Creating your own custom designed garden or commercial parasol(s):

With Sundown Parasol you can embark on a creative journey to design a parasol that reflects your style, enhances your outdoor space, event or venue, and becomes a unique statement piece!

We have a process in place where you can either give us inspiration and we take this away and present back to you options we think match up with what you are looking to create, or you can provide us with exact colour references, prints/patterns and materials and we can design this for you and produce your desired parasol(s).

Why Customize Your Parasol?

  1. Personal Expression: A custom-designed parasol is more than just a practical accessory; it's a canvas for self-expression. Choose colours, patterns, and details that resonate with your personality or look you are wishing to create, turning your outdoor space into a reflection of your unique style!
  2. Tailored to Your Space: No two outdoor spaces are identical. Creating a custom parasol allows you to tailor the design to fit seamlessly into your specific environment. Whether it's a cozy balcony, a vibrant garden, hotel terrace, or poolside space, your parasol can be designed to complement and enhance your surroundings

A unique parasol is truly memorable, and creates a wonderful backdrop for stunning photo’s. See how some of favourite bespoke parasols over the world…

custom design pink parasol

italy lake como hotel parasol

custom bespoke pool hotel parasol umbrella

beach parasol beach club hotel umbrella

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